It is not every day that office clerk students in their second grade get a visit from a native speaker during their time at the vocational school. So, when our English teachers asked us toward the end of our second form, if we wanted to spend a couple of hours with a young guy from New York, we of course were excited about this.
Preparing for the visit we thought about the questions we wanted to ask. Our English teachers gave us some guidelines and we prepared several issues, that were of interest to us.
We formed small groups and we all had the chance to speak to Jared about social and political issues in America, the difference in the educational system, high school and college, going out and the points of interest if we took a trip to New York City. Jared made us feel very comfortable speaking English, and when we presented our topics to the rest of the class, we all did a great job!

In our commercial subjects we learned a lot about saving and investing this year and what a great match, that Jared Fein, who studied International Finance, would give us a presentation about saving and investing. At the latest now, we were glad that we had some background knowledge about stocks and bonds and funds, thanks to our commercial teachers Mrs. Ausserer-Stockhammer and Mr. Bischof.
We had a great time! Thank you, Jared, for coming all the way from Vienna to spend your time with us! Thanks to our English teachers, Mrs. Huber and Mrs. Burnett-Stummer, who encouraged us and arranged this memorable visit.